Streamlining shipping operations with deep learning

Moving towards data-driven shipping

Bearing brings the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence to the maritime shipping industry, helping companies to:

Reduce fuel consumption
Optimize market opportunities
Improve overall fleet management

Smart Routing Engine

Bearing’s routing engine leverages its hyper-accurate ship performance models to automatically find the most efficient route and speed profile for any voyage.

The routing engine continuously pulls in the latest weather forecasts and market rates, ensuring that Bearing’s recommendation automatically adapts throughout the voyage

Bearing’s routes are fully ECDIS-verified so captains and operators can be confident that the route is not only optimally efficient, it is also safe and navigable

Bearing’s routing engine can smoothly integrate into existing workflows, adapt to custom operating constraints and can be accessed via email or an easy-to-use web app

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Performance Analysis Dashboard

Bearing’s Performance Analysis Dashboard provides detailed and actionable insights on your entire fleet’s performance in one easy-to-use tool

Performance Trends:

See how a specific vessel’s efficiency changes over time, and the relative efficiency of individual voyages.

Proactive Recommendations:

Bearing’s Performance Analysis Dashboard can highlight when to dry-dock, the payoff from installing an energy-saving device, the potential savings from adjusting the minimum operating speed and much more.

Powerful Planning Tools:

Accurately predict vessel performance and consumption for future voyages, allowing you to easily select the right vessel and plan your resources as efficiently as possible

Bringing Together Silicon Valley and Global Shippers

Bearing’s team is made up of leading AI engineers, with deep expertise in building scalable technology. To help develop its products, Bearing has partnered closely with some of the biggest shipping companies and tested its technology on vessels all around the world. Bearing is backed by the AI Fund and Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and is based in Palo Alto, California

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