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AI-Powered Insights, Driving the Green Shipping Era

Today’s complex environmental regulations mark the most significant, and urgent, change to maritime shipping in decades. Bearing AI is spearheading the shift, helping you chart through the noise in your data to optimize commercial and operational decision-making.

Make better emissions decisions

Automated Emissions Monitoring

Scenario Forecasting & Simulation

Fleet-wide Optimization

Proactive Recommendations

An emissions management solution offering industry-leading tools for monitoring, forecasting, simulation, and optimization, so you can make even better, data-driven decisions.


Emissions management is more important than ever.

The ongoing wave of new environmental regulations is reshaping how maritime business gets done. And this transition is only accelerating.

With industry-leading accuracy, the Bearing AI Decision Engine simulates millions of variables and possibilities, generating recommendations that help you optimize your profitability while still maintaining environmental compliance.

Meet the challenges of CII, EU ETS, and whatever comes next.


Powering data-driven decisions

You need to assess where your fleet stands today and adjust operations to maximize profitability going forward.

With Bearing AI, you know the exact impact and tradeoffs of a wide range of potential changes to your operations.

  • Exactly how much should you adjust speed by?
  • Should this vessel be moved to another service line?
  • Should you conduct an underwater cleaning?

With our easy-to-use tools, hyper-accurate prediction models simulate these changes for you, so that you always know the full impact on fuel costs, earnings and environmental compliance and can make the best decision.

Powerful AI with advanced infrastructure, ensuring reliability, security, and scalability.

Zero lift integration. Just get started.

Zero Implementation Time

  • Get started with the data you already have

  • No new hardware

  • No challenging integrations

  • No workflow changes

Cutting-edge technology you can trust

Stay on top of everything that goes into critical decisions, with the help of industry-specific, highly accurate AI

Visualize and compare trade-offs

Balance fleet-wide earnings potential, fuel costs, emissions predictions, and more in one easy-to-understand interface.


All of your emissions insights. All in one place

Keep track of CII ratings, emissions predictions, and more all in one centralized, easy-to-navigate platform.


Constant innovation.

Bearing AI is the first company to fully harness the power of Generative AI in the maritime industry.

Maritime Shipping's GPT is here…

We've developed tools that not only simulate the impact of various actions but also generate novel operating strategies, factoring in the dynamics of the entire global fleet. This power lets you not just meet the demands of new regulations but actually turn them into a strategic advantage, outmaneuvering the competition.

Insights you can use.

Actions you can take.

Better decisions with Bearing AI.

CII Optimizer

Our CII Optimizer monitors CII scores for an entire fleet. Quickly calculate accurate forecasts of end-of-year ratings, effortlessly simulate various operating conditions, and quantify trade-offs between costs, earnings, and CII ratings.

Performance Analytics

Our Performance Analysis dashboard lets you accurately monitor trends in vessel performance over time. Understand exact impact of weather, fouling and other factors on fuel consumption and emissions.

Fleet Deployment Optimizer

Accurately compare the efficiency of different vessels across different schedules. Quickly determine the best allocation, balancing costs and environmental compliance across the fleet.

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